Resources for Graduate Students

General Resources

Gibson Online is Tulane’s primary resource for all members of the community. Here students can access their billing account, academic records, employee records, safety plans, class registration etc.

Other resources include:

Jennifer O’Brien-Brown is the Program Manager for OGPS and the advisor for GSSA. She does all of the day-to-day operations for OGPS and disseminates relevant graduate student policies. She also works directly with the GSSA eboard to manage funding requests and reimbursements, event planning and administrative relations. You can schedule an appointment to meet with Jennifer through the OGPS Canvas page.

Academic Resources

Lauren Lukkarila is the Academica Development and Resource Specialist for OGPS. She provides students with help in academic speaking, reading, listening and writing. She is available to meet through appointment. She also sets up various academic development workshops and academic support group discussions. To make an appointment or find the sessions, visit the OGPS Academic Support Canvas page.

Career Resources

Briana Mohan is the Senior Academic and Career Advisor for OGPS. She is available to meet by appointment. She also sets up various career workshops throughout the year to help with resume and CV building, networking etc. You can view the workshops or schedule an appointment at the OGPS Career Support Canvas page.


Online resources include:

The Chronicle of Higher Education (found in the library database collection) is a publication that accumulates a database of salaries, application advice, articles on the academic job market and academic job listings. It also provides current news on various higher education topics.

Versatile PhD (found in Tulane’s career resources page) is designed for non-academic career help. It allows you to look at real resumes and cover letters of PhDs that were recently hired, gives first-person stories of career development and details information on a wide range of PhD career paths. New members can just create a VPhD account and have access.

Health Resources

Student health resources can be found at the Campus Health website. Here you can schedule appointments at the student health center, find information on counseling services (CAPS), and find information on student health insurance (Insurance and Billing).

All full time students must have a Tulane approved health insurance plan. Students enrolled in the school insurance plan who are not PhD candidates yet, are required to pay the student health center fee each year. They may then have access to the student health center for visits without a copay.

For health insurance information related to international students, please visit the OISS website.