GSSA Event Funding


GSSA event funding is granted only to departments in good standing with GSSA through an active representative. Your department is in good standing if your representatives have not missed three consecutive assembly meetings. You can check your department’s active representatives here. If your department is ineligible for funding, please contact the GSSA president.

Your department’s representatives may request funding for multiple events over the course of the year. All events may be approved by the GSSA assembly by a majority vote. If approved, all publicity for the event must acknowledge the sponsorship of GSSA.

Please note that all events must be registered both through WaveSync and through GSSA Events form. All events must be submitted at least THREE weeks in advance through WaveSync.

If you have questions about the process, please contact the GSSA treasurer.

To Apply for Event Funding:

  1. Three weeks before an event (Note: +6 weeks for speakers) you must register the event through the GSSA WaveSync page for the Student Organization Center to approve. List Jennifer O’Brien ( as the advisor. See below for further help on registering with WaveSync.
  2. At least four days before the GSSA meeting preceeding your event, place an Online Event Request through Google Docs. For example, for a Thursday meeting, all event requests would need to be placed before 5pm on the preceding Sunday. Events may only be approved BEFORE the event takes place. Late requests will not be included in the agenda and will not be brought up for a vote. Events can be requested several months in advance.
  3. For recurring events, such as weekly or monthly meetings, a separate request must be placed for each event.
  4. If the amount requested for an event is greater than $300, an itemized budget for the event must be sent to the GSSA treasurer when the request is submitted. Lack of an approved itemized budget will lead to the omission of the event from the agenda. This budget must include estimated number of attendees, cost of materials requested per attendee, and any other line items unique to the event (rental, usage, security fees etc.).
  5. Please be available for communication via email in the days leading up to the meeting in case the treasurer needs to contact you with any last minute questions regarding your event.
  6. You must come to the meeting and should be prepared to give a brief description of the event including the amount requested and reason for the event. You should be ready to answer questions about your event. If you cannot make the meeting, find a proxy to fill in. Unrepresented events will be pulled from the agenda and not be voted on.

To Be Reimbursed for Event Funding:

A single digital PDF must be sent from the representative to the GSSA treasurer no later than
two weeks after the event date.

      1. The student collects the materials according to the directions in the Event Reimbursement Checklist, and sends their reimbursement packet as a single PDF document to their representative. The Event Payee Information Form referred to in the Event Reimbursement Checklist must also be filled out.
      2. The representative checks the reimbursement document is completed, signs the document, and then forwards it to the GSSA treasurer.

It may take up to 8 weeks to process checks. Checks are mailed to your address on file
with Tulane. **Since the pandemic, most reimbursements have switched to direct
deposits; we are in the process of constructing safe procedures to provide direct deposit
for everyone**

Items can only be reimbursed to the person who paid for them.

GSSA CANNOT under any circumstances reimburse an individual student for alcohol purchases.



Basic WaveSync Information

GSSA accounts are managed through the Tulane Student Organization Center (SOC). All event requests are filed through WaveSync. All department representatives are expected to register on WaveSync with their Tulane ID and join the GSSA WaveSync page. WaveSync can take up to three weeks to approve an event and GSSA cannot provide reimbursement if the event is not approved.

For an step by step guide to filling in WaveSync event request please see the WaveSync Event Request document.

  1. Once you are a member of the GSSA WaveSync, you will be able to create events through the manage organization tab.
  2. Fill out event requests as thoroughly as possible. Make sure to include what department is hosting the event in the event title. It is recommended that events are only visible to GSSA members.
  3. List Jennifer O’Brien as our advisor email (
  4. WaveSync requires multiple approvals beyond Jennifer. Please monitor the status of your request and check that it is approved as your event approaches. GSSA cannot reimburse events that were not approved.

Contact the GSSA treasurer with issues or questions.