Graduate Studies Student Association

What is GSSA?

The Graduate Studies Student Association is the governing body for all Masters and PhD students in the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Science and Engineering at Tulane.

We provide funds to support social, academic, and career enhancing opportunties for departments and students. We also act as representatives for graduate student voices to university administration for issues affecting the broad graduate student population.

Check out of Facebook, Instagram or Wavesync page for more information on GSSA activities and events!


How is GSSA Organized?

GSSA is composed of representatives from each department and graduate program within the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Science and Engineering. Representation is based on the number of graduate students: one representative for 1-29 students, two for 30-44 students, and three for more than 45 students. To remain in good standing with GSSA, departments may not miss three consecutive meetings.

A list of all departments and programs associated with GSSA can be found under department constitutions.

How Can I Get Involved?

Attend GSSA events and meetings! Meetings are open to all graduate students, not just representatives. All current department representatives can be found under Representatives. If your department is not currently represented but wishes to be, please contact one of the GSSA officers.

How is GSSA Funded?

All current Tulane students pay some level of student activity fees. These fees are distributed to the three student government organizations at various percentages – 7.5% to Undergraduate Student Government (USG), 11.5% to Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA), and the remaining 81% to GSSA to distribute to departments, students and professional groups.

GSSA uses the funds to develop its yearly budget. The budget is split between communal events for all graduate student, departmental meetings, professional group and club events, speakers, and student travel to conferences. Representatives are charged with voting on which event requests to fund.